Insects Collection

There are about 50,000 insects in the collection. The geographical areas covered are India, Pakistan and Myanmar. The major groups represented in the collection are Lepidoptera (Butterflies & Moths). Out of the 1500 species of butterflies found in India, around 700 species are present in the collection. Some of the butterflies were collected from Myanmar and are difficult to get in the present circumstances. There are also small collection of beetles, (Fam. Cerambycidae, Chrysomedidae, Scaraebidae), Dictyoptera (Mantis and Cockroaches). The insects are preserved and stored in wooden boxes and cabinets.

The butterflies from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) collected by Mr. Ormiston are also present in the collection. The collection is referred by students/scientists from Forest Research Institute and was basis for the book “Butterflies of Sikkim Himalayas”.