Mammal Collection

There are about 18,500 mammal specimens in the collection, most of which are skins and skulls. Like birds, these specimens are also properly classified and arranged systematically in 64 cabinets. The smaller mammals are stored in trays whereas the larger mammals in boxes. Mammal collection is arranged as per the ‘Checklist of Mammals’ by Ellerman & Scott, 1951.

The collection is equally broad in its systematic coverage with 347 species (633 species and subspecies). The mammal collection is also equally rich as there are type specimens of Cynopterus sphinx gangeticus Anderson, 1910 (Cotype), Latidens salimalii Thonglongya, 1872 (Holotype), Hipposideros hypophyllus Kock & Bhat, 1994 (Paratype), Felis libyca iraki Cheesman, 1921 (Paratype), Moschus memina Erxleben, 1777 (Topotype), Tragulus javanicus lampensis Miller, 1903 (Topotype).

There are specimens of Critically Endangered species of mammals like Wroughton’s Free-tailed Bat and Large Spotted Civet. The Endangered species like Lion-tailed Macaque, Hoolock Gibbon, Tiger, Nilgiri Tahr, Hispid Hare, Bonhote’s Mouse are also present in the mammal collection. There are specimens of Vulnerable species like Red Panda, Indian Giant Squirrel.