Impact Assessment of Mumbai Oil spill

One year Rapid Assessment of Impact of Oil Spill in Mumbai with emphasis on mangrove restoration strategy.

August 9th was a black day in the shipping history of Mumbai where two ships collided causing MS Chitra to sink releasing up to 2100 mt of oil in to the sea. The cargo also has some toxic material though its release in to the sea is still not known.

Proximity of the collision to the shores of Mumbai and Raigad has its serious ecological consequences. The offshore oil spill has now started reaching coastal villages from Vashi, Uran, Mandva, Sasvane, Kehim etc. The intensity of the spill is varying at each of these locations. Mandva and Revas has comparatively mild spill while as areas like Vashi, Uran, Sasvane, Elephanta Caves, were severely affected with massive oil spill.

Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India asked BNHS to undertake one year rapid assessment of impacts of oil spill in Mumbai

Rapid assessment objectives

  1. Assess the magnitude of impact through monitoring selective marine taxa.
  2. Assess the impact of oil spill on mangroves
  3. Monitor oil contents in sand of selective sites for next one year
  4. Prioritize sites for restoration measures
  5. Develop a mangrove restoration strategy

Interim report of the same is submitted to MoEF