Training and Workshops

CEC organizes workshop and training programmes about various aspects of environmental and education for different societal groups. The target groups range from students to teachers, from corporate employees to government official and from trainers to layman.

Professional Development Workshop for Teachers

Regular FREE workshops are held to provide insights on environment education. The day long workshop aims at empowering teachers with the necessary skills for teaching the subject. Teachers are equipped with tools for effective environment education and exposed to practical sessions that ensure their students involvement and interest. All teachers are also presented with a Teachers Handbook and a Green Guide.

Green Life Style Workshop

To prompt the art of living in an environment friendly manner, we conduct this workshop for groups wanting to know how they can make a difference in their daily lives. An ideal workshop for any school, corporate or community group. It includes a series of plenary, hands-on training sessions and field visits that help you introduce green deeds seamlessly into your everyday life. The workshop deals with small actions that help one make a small contribution in battle against the climate change. The topics covered under the workshops include vermicomposting, waste segregation, rainwater harvesting, reducing carbon footprint, ALM formation, tips on plantation and energy audits. The outcome of the workshop is to form a group of committed individuals who in turn will inspire others and have a multiplying impact.

Green Guide Training Programme (previously known as Volunteer Training Programme)

For all those nature-lovers who want to make a difference, this yearly workshop teaches you all you need to know about conservation education. Every year we train bunch of nature enthusiasts to work with us. Till now more than 300 individuals have been trained of which more than 50 committed Green Guides are currently working with us for whom, the Centre is a second home. The 4- day (two weekends) module include broad subjects like natural history, environment education and nature conservation. We use hands on training and participatory learning approaches followed by a job handling phase known as “Shadowing”. The participants learn about nature walks, slide shows, project works, education material development, communication skills, programme planning, budgetary preparation, crisis management and much more. Participants are enrolled on payroll of green guides on successful completion of ‘Shadowing Phase’.

Citizen Science Project: Be a Scientist for a Day

We provide an opportunity to get into the shoes of scientist and wear the hat of a data collector, just for a day! Under this project we will be carrying out yearlong biodiversity surveys on the BNHS Nature Reserve at Goregaon with help of experts and general public. We will be surveying plants, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians, and other animals. These surveys will be carried out by experts from the field; however amateurs can also join us and learn about scientific methods of documentation.  These surveys will be held on weekends once a month.  If you are interested in joining these teams, please sign up now as there are only five seats available in each team.

You as a participant will learn to observe record and analyze the data in a scientific manner. This will sharpen your analytical and observation skills which are useful for wildlife studies. You will learn to use field guides, data sheets and GPS gadget. You will work laboriously along with the expert treading one or all five nature trails spread across the 33 acres property in three different seasons. The survey will address three research parameters; species diversity, species abundance and species seasonality.  You need to be above 14 years, have with basic computer skills and endurance to sustain hardships of data collection. At the end of the project, we intend to bring out a scientific publication and all participants will be acknowledged.