Library Collection

Library Collection: The Library has a unique collection of books periodicals, journals, scientific reports and theses from the world over on wildlife and environment, all under one roof.

  1. More than 22,000 books
  2. About 5,000 bound volumes of a variety of scientific journals with about 200 current journals.
  3. About 1500 reports and a total 150 theses
  4. A collection of 2000 rare books dating back to early 19th century, ranging from popular to technical.
  5. The Library is also equipped with a collection of photographs, lithographs, and transparencies.

Rare Books: We have a unique collection of rare books dating back to early 19th century, to name a few:

  1. The Birds of Asia(Vol. I- XXXV)by John Gould
  2. Indian Serpents by Patrick Russell( 1801)
  3. Illustrations of Indian Ornithology by Jerdon T.C. ( 1847)
  4. All volumes of Fauna of British India
  5. Illustrations of Himalayan Plants by Hooker J.D( 1855).

Other Resources

1. Reports: The Library has a collection of project reports of ecological studies of various areas, mammal, avian and botanical surveys and wildlife conservation executed by the Society and others.

2. Theses: The BNHS is affiliated to the Mumbai University for Ph.D. and M.Sc., in zoology and botany. As of date we have 150 theses.