Ongoing research projects

Conservation - Dr. Deepak Apte
  1. Satpura Landscape Tiger Project - Education Mobile Unit and BNHS Tiger Cell
  2. Eco-restoration at SGNP
  3. Costal Gujarat Power Ltd, Bhuj
  4. Oil Spill
  5. ONGC - Mangroves Restoration and Conservation Unit-Phase II
  6. Welspun Biodiversity Project Phase II
  7. Tata Power Mangrove Plantation @ Trombay
  8. Biodiversity Conservation Plan for JNPP
  9. Tata Power Mangrove Impact Study @ Nagothane
  10. Tata Power Mangrove Impact Study @ Kalwa
  11. Ass.  Of Mangroves - Trombay
  12. Mangrove Impact Study @ Dehrand - Vikhroli
  13. Sea Turtle Monitoring Study @ CGPL Phase II
  14. Ecological Ass. & Education for Con of Mangrove in Ratnagiri
  15. Tata Steel SLTP & Mobile Unit Project
 2. Ref & Coll - Mr. Rahul Khot/Mr. Varad Giri
  1. Critically Endangered  Kondana Rat - MBZ
 3. Research - Dr S Balachandran
  1. Satellite Tracking of Flamingo, Point Calimere
  2. Satellite Tracking Project, Manipur
  3. Satellite Tracking of Bar-headed Geese & selected Ducks between Pong-Dam, Himachal Pradesh & their breeding grounds
  4. Water Bird Monitoring & Avian Disease Surveillance with Special Emphasis for Habitat Management in Chilika Lake
 4. Research - Divya Varier
  1. ENVIS Center on "Avian Ecology"
 5. Research - Mr. Sujit Narwade
  1. Baseline survey of Avifauna of Navi Mumbai International Airport, funded by CIDCO, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  2. Great Indian Bustard survey at Chandrapur area, funded by Karnataka Emta Coal Mine Ltd. (KECML), Chandrapur, Maharashtra.
  3. Flora and fauna study of National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Power plant area at Solapur, Maharashtra.
  4. Preparation of Wildlife Conservation and Monitoring Plan for National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Power plant at Solapur, Maharashtra.  
  5. Impact of wind mills on birds and bats in India for Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India.
  6. Birds of deccan plateau of Maharashtra.
 6. Research - Dr Ranjit Manakadan
  1. An assessment of population, distribution and conservation issues of the Asian Elephant Elephas maximus in the Eastern Ghats areas of Karnataka State, India
 7. Research - Dr Asad Rahmani
  1. Investigating causes of House Sparrow Passer domesticus Population decline in Urban Sub-Habitats of India
  2. Support for Bombay Natural History Society's bird conservation programme 2008-13 - IBA Advocacy
  3. Support for Bombay Natural History Society's bird conservation programme 2008-13 - IBA RSPB 2008-2013
  4. Forest Owlet Heteroglaux Belewitti
 8. Research - Dr. Vibhu Prakash
  1. Carcass Sampling and NSAID prevalence monitoring (Diclofenac Project)
  2. Vulture Breeding Programme in India
  3. Vultures:in-Situ Conser, Col. Mon. & Training
  4. Monitoring and use of Veterinary Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID) and painkillers and their distribution around select vulture site.
  5. Vulture Conservation Work in Biodiversity hot spot area - Western Ghats.
  6. Road Transects, Monitoring & Research
  7. Carcass Sampling & Laboratory Analysis
  8. Vulture Construction ZSL
  9. Vulture Safe Zones in India
  10. Vulture Safe Zones in India
  11. Darwin Vulture Project
  12. Diclofenac Monitoring in Livestock & Vultures
  13. Trans-boundary solutions to the Asian Vulture Crisis (Salary)
  14. India Vulture Programme Funding Officer
  15. Vulture Advocacy Project (2011-12)
  16. Trans-boundary solutions to the Asian Vulture Crisis
  17. Vulture Advocacy Project (2011-12)
  18. Conserving South Asia's Critically Endangered Vultures - SOS

April 09, 2013