Aims of IBA Programme

The IBA Programme aims to identify, document and advocate the protection and management of a network of sites that are important for the long-term viability of naturally occurring bird populations across the geographic range of those bird species for which a site-based approach is appropriate.

The main aim of the Indian IBA Inventory was to document and protect a network of sites which covers all the habitats and species. Given that birds are good indicators of overall biological diversity, most IBAs will also be important for other animals and plants, particularly those which are under great threat.

This Inventory is intended to provide comprehensive information on IBAs and species and to be used as an advocacy tool for site and species conservation to enable informed decisions.

The following are the key areas where the IBA Inventory would be useful:

  • Help identify high biodiversity areas
  • Form a sound basis for the development of national conservation strategies, including protected areas programme
  • Contribute to the development of national conservation strategies, highlight sites which are threatened or inadequately protected
  • Help build regional and national networks of ornithologists and conservationists
  • Help identify future priorities for birds and biodiversity conservation action
  • Provide decision makers with high quality biodiversity information for sustainable land and resource use
  • Assist governments in the implementation of international agreements such as the Convention on Biological Diversity
  • Provide material for education and training
  • Help build national and regional networks of ornithologists and conservationists through Indian Bird Conservation Network
  • Influence regional migratory bird agreements
  • Help the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan