Delhi CEC

The Conservation Education Centre (CEC) in Delhi, located in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, started its operations in 2005. The centre has been actively involved in imparting conservation education to students and professionals through field-based educational programmes.

In 2023-24 ( July 2023), the centre saw a footfall of over 9000 ( Annual average) people covering educational institutions, family groups and corporate bodies. It organised educational programmes in over 300 schools which alone catered to nearly 9000 students.

Students have been roped in to prepare checklists of the birds and butterflies of the grove at their education institution and at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. The centre also carries out bird and butterfly survey as part of citizen science initiative at Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary regularly. Sanctuary now has a Butterfly Park spread over 3 acres. Along with butterfly park there is Aravalli Forest Centre and Jungle Walk which are used to educate people of all age groups.

Through Delhi Seed Bank, a citizen science initiative, native seeds are being gathered for use in the sanctuary. CEC is also helping to develop city forest pockets like Aaya Nagar City Forest and Mandir Marg City Forest."


Note: - The Conservation Education Centre (CEC) in Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary New Delhi has been established by BNHS with support from the forest department of the Government of NCT New Delhi. BNHS reached out to more than 2 lakh children, and citizens during 2005 to September 2023.


CEC-Delhi location