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 B N H S

Mangrove Conservation

The project began in November 2014 aiming to restore mangroves in a 100 ha area around Jaigad creek, where waterbody had dried up in mudflats owing to the impact of Kasari-Satkondi Kharland bund. Remote sensing data (Landsat data – 1995, 2000, 2013 to 2017) shows that our intervention has indeed helped in restoring the mudflats and reviving mangrove growth since 2015. Three villages provided gram sabha resolution to open all sluice gates of the bund to maintain water flow, based on our meetings. Currently all sluice gates are open, helping mangrove revival.

From December 2017 to January 18 alone, 16,000 saplings were planted in a 4 ha area. Our mangrove nurseries currently hold 1,20,000 saplings that will be planted in a 30-ha degraded mangrove patch, in collaboration with Mangrove Cell, Maharashtra.