Flight of the pink-headed ducks and other stories


Congratulations to our author Katie Bagli! Her children's book, Flight of the Pink - headed Ducks and Other Stories, published by BNHS, has made it to The Longlist for Best Author Children announced by Auther Awards 2020.

For those who still haven't picked up a copy, hurry. The books are available at the BNHS shop. You can also get it through BNHS website or Amazon.


About the book . . .

A collection of short stories of five rare animals of the Indian Subcontinent, all pushed to the edge of their existence! Fast-paced, these stories prod the young readers to think through issues such as hunting and pollution that have rendered these animals vulnerable.

Will we ever see the Pink-headed Duck again? Can the Great Indian Bustard, Snow Leopard, Red Panda and Ganges River Dolphin be saved from vanishing? In Katie Bagli’s stories, these fears make way for new hope as we meet young protagonists who show us how a little care can go a long way.